ITIN–Individual taxpayer identification number is a tax ID used to file self-tax returns reporting income, tax treaties and claim dependents on tax returns.

 Mostly missing the dependent tax benefits and credits due to lack of tax knowledge. Claiming dependents tax benefits can save tax payers thousands of dollars, we will assist you with proper guidance and required documents to get the ITIN from IRS.

 ITIN is just used for personal tax related purposes. In order to apply ITIN for dependents (wife, kids, close relatives etc.), a dependent should have stayed in the USA for more than 183 days. ITIN is a nine digit number having first digit as 9XX-83-XXXX.

The preferred documents required to apply ITIN 

1. passport

2. tax returns 

3. form W7 (ITIN application) and the documents can be mailed to IRS Texas address to get the ITIN.

If a tax payer is uncomfortable to mail the documents the documents can also be submitted at the TAC-Taxpayer assistance centre which is your local IRS office. The documents can be submitted at TAC by the way of walking in or by appointment.

Once the IRS allots the ITIN, the ITIN will be mentioned on a covering letter of IRS and will be mailed to the applicant, and then the refunds of federal will be issued. Untill you have dependents ITIN your state tax return will not be accepted.

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